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Decorative Painting


Luxury finish for internal use. Suitable for offices, hotels, restaurants, banks, bars, halls, houses, apartments, kitchens, bathrooms, shops and others.

Venetian Stucco can be classified as maintenance free material. Its smooth surface can be easily wiped with a dry or damp cloth. It shouldn’t get in contact with running water though. But moisture itself isn’t any problem.

In final form, it achieves high gloss, which gives the impression of luxury and also visually expands the space. It can be combined with the colors in the sampler.


How to: We create solid and smooth surface and apply special penetration. We apply sealant in two layers. After drying we scrape off any excess material. After this we apply Venetian Stucco in chosen color. It is important to let each layer dry thoroughly. The last step is brushing and polishing with a spatula. In humid enviroments, stucco is treated with wax to improve water resistance and to ease maintenance.



Ancient soil mimics granite, sandstone or marble structure. This painting is one of the most demanding decorative paintings. It is easy to imagine it on historical buildings but currently it is used for the interiors of houses, villas, apartments and offices ..... This painting is mainly valued for its environmentally friendly attributes and non-toxicity. It comes with natural pigments, which are very durable. No need to worry about their washing. Due to the properties of color, it is possible to interconnect and connect them without compromising integrity. Neutral and pastel colors are preferable. Selection can be found in the attached chart.


How to: As in the case of Venetian Stucco: for applying a smooth and hard surface is needed. After the base coat penetration and thorough drying of the paint begins the applying of the selected shade of ancient soil and the amount of dye. Soil is applied gradually over 2 to 3sq.m.with thin brush. After we come back to the already finished painting a plastic spatula creates the final effect of the ancient soil.



Imitation exposed concrete is becoming very popular. It imitates concrete leveling compound, which again fits into all of the different rooms, bathrooms, houses, flats, halls, restaurants, offices .... It's a very hard material resistant to water and abrasion. Its surface can be smooth, bumpy, inaccurate. These properties are specific for this technique.

How to: Again, we need solid surface. The first step is the application of the primer, after thorough drying we také stainless steel trowel and apply a layer of cement plaster. Just a slight drying and then with a brush or roller, we create a porous concrete pores. If we want to have a smooth result. shiny and resistant to water, we must also apply water-resistant coat. After painting the final color darkens by approx. 15-20%.



Roxidan is decorating with the effect of corrugated iron for the interior. It creates a metalized decorative patina that reproduces the appearance typical for oxidized surfaces and aged effect of atmospheric

influences. With simple application we can achieve very refined yet modern result. For an idea of the open catalog with color sampler. 




Venetian Stucco                                      from 900,- CZK/m²

Ancient soil                                            from 350,- CZK/m²

Imitation exposed concrete                    from 1.000,- CZK/m²

Roxidan                                                  from 1.000,- CZK/m²