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Construction work


We use stucco if the walls after a few scrapings are damaged. This technique is especially necessary for old block of flats with wallpapers, where basis for the new painting is needed. After wallpaper removal we apply so called CeraStucco in two layers. The result is brand new wall.



Wall mesh is apllied on itong or siporex blocks with a special glue. If you decide to go with wall mesh your walls will have much less cracks.



Spatula as well as stucco is a material we use after we scrape off old wallpapers from walls. Spatula is a very smooth material, which after two applied layers and brushing creates an absolutely flat surface.





Stucco - CeraStucco                           from 120,- CZK/m²

Wall Mesh – Weber                           from 120,- CZK/m²

Spatula – Devoskit                             from 70,- CZK/m²

Leveling walls with glue- Knauf       from 60,- CZK/m²